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We are Launching our blog!

We are Launching our blog!

We would like to officially welcome you to our website and *dadadadaaaaa drum rolls please!*our very first blog post! You already know we have so much to share judging by our *IGTV videos *

Well we would like to get as personal and intimate as possible  and yes we will be doing it in both languages Kiswahili and English. Wondering what we will be sharing? To be honest as much as possible and not only exclusive to hair… we want to be able to have serious conversations and the not so serious conversations.. refreshing and  honest girl talk!! conversations with both men and women ! yesss men too! This is the blog where it is all just possible.

The world has a lot going on and internet is currently one of the easiest way to unlearn, learn and relearn.. so we will use our platform for as much good as possible. Leave us comments when you agree, disagree or have a point to add on.. i mean it is a conversation… not a class… well except when we are telling you that you need to detangle your crochet curls hunnay!..we will come for your edges and beards lol!

We hope to see you here soon yeah? so long fam, talk soon!


Nice- Monique.


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