MELANIN FRO 12 inches | 100g


African inspired hair extensions that have a type 4C hair pattern look but with a soft texture.

  • To fill in spaces , average use is 1 pack (highly subjective to the filling)
  • To lengthen the look of your hair , average use is 2 packs
  • To create a ponytail/ a bun , average use is 1 pack
  • For crochet braids entire head ,average use is 1 pack
  • For twists , average use is 3 packs
  • For melanin twist out style without leave out , average use is 3 packs
  • For melanin twist out style with leave out, average use is 2 packs.

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It is created specifically to be the “human hair” for the African girl, The idea is that they can fill in spaces using the extensions for a voluminous yet natural look and for the girls starting or on their natural hair journey that wanted longer looking hair, The goal is to bridge this gap as they slowly embark their natural hair journey to remove the pressure that comes along with the quick expectations.

This hair acts as natural hair so as it is able to blend in, it may shrink when exposed to wind/not fluffed in a while, with some touching and fluffing, it returns to normal can be reusable multiple times especially if it was styled in a non-manipulative manner i.e. trimming, straightening etc. as it limits how you can style afterwards. It is highly water friendly which makes it suitable for washes and swims. It is also heat resistant as it may take heat to 180 degrees Celsius.

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1 review for MELANIN FRO 12 inches | 100g

  1. 5 out of 5


    I’ve always been struggling to find hair that goes with my natural hair. FINALLY I found the perfect hair!! It’s exactly like my natural hair with VOLUME. Went to swim in the ocean with it and to my surprise it looked even better!!!!
    Recommended to all my naturalista sisters!!!

    Thank you Kimz hair!!!

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