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After operating for a year we thought that it was time We became more involved with the community that surrounds us, and with whatever means we have. We look forward to being of help to a different community every year!


Being a brand that was built mainly around family values, the  first charity had to be home! The maternal family of the two founders were fortunate enough attend a primary school in Mbokumu village in the Kilimanjaro region called Neville primary school that was built by Father Neville in “1955“ hence being decades old. The buildings have overtime fallen apart and the conditions in which the children have to study have gotten worse. We reached out to Education pour le Kilimanjaro, a non profit association that is working tirelessly to renovate the classrooms and the school administration to find ways we could help the students.

Seeing that they continue to perform wonderfully in the National examinations and still excel despite their surroundings, we donated 800,000 worth of syllabus books, dictionaries, story books, maps, encyclopedias, mathematical sets etc. to motivate them to do better and to remind them that their current surroundings do not determine their future.