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Can I swim with my hair

  • Depending on how you use our extensions it may or may not be suitable to swim with your hair on.

If you use our hair to create a ponytail or wig, or you styled it as a bun or any add on to your natural hair, we discourage swimming with the hair as it may slip off with the weight of the water or change the pattern completely


-if you crocheted the hair , you are much safer however you can coat the hair with butters or conditioners & wetting them before swimming and co-wash, rinse thoroughly and detangle the curls after as well to ensure that the texture of the hair does not change dramatically.

-if you use the hair to create some braids, twists etc, you can enjoy your swim girl! Remember to remove the salty water / chlorines from the hair by washing / co-washing with a conditioner that has Disodium EDTA in it to remove the chlorines from your natural hair and the extension.