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Frequently Asked Questions

After your order is submitted, we cannot cancel it because we try our best to process and ship the orders out as fast as we can. If you would like to add some products you may start a new ordering process on our website. Please be careful when selecting your items.
  • You can re-use our versatile “Melanin Fro “hair as many times as possible, keeping in mind the way you used / styled them may affect the number of times you can re-use in the future, example; you may create a bun/ponytail using the hair for the first 10 times and then use the extensions to create twists or braids (more manipulation) for the next uses.
  • You can re-use our Angelique twists hair as well more than once
  • However you can’t re-use the silkier curly textures such as ” Nice-Monique”
  • Depending on how you use our extensions it may or may not be suitable to swim with your hair on.
If you use our hair to create a ponytail or wig, or you styled it as a bun or any add on to your natural hair, we discourage swimming with the hair as it may slip off with the weight of the water or change the pattern completely   -if you crocheted the hair , you are much safer however you can coat the hair with butters or conditioners & wetting them before swimming and co-wash, rinse thoroughly and detangle the curls after as well to ensure that the texture of the hair does not change dramatically. -if you use the hair to create some braids, twists etc, you can enjoy your swim girl! Remember to remove the salty water / chlorines from the hair by washing / co-washing with a conditioner that has Disodium EDTA in it to remove the chlorines from your natural hair and the extension.
Yes! you can wash your hair, we suggest that you shampoo / co-wash your scalp, directing the product into your scalp and as you rinse, the lather will pass through the extensions and cleanse them without excessive direct manipulation of the hair, we suggest you use luke warm water or cold because hot water may affect the texture and feel of the hair materials. We suggest that you wash your hair before installation so as to maximize the use.
Some of our products are curled manually and so yes the curl may be a little different or sometimes seem a little longer or shorter when you purchase it each time, however be assured that it is the same great quality and the changes are standard.
The fibers are high quality, they all can withstand heat up to 180°, however the only hair we can encourage you to do so is our Melanin Fro hair because it has no existing curl pattern . Otherwise for the curly hair we discourage heat as it will remove the curl pattern and it may be difficult on your own to recreate the same curl pattern. Hot water immersion can also be used to change the shape.
No , we do not accept returns. -if there is an issue with the order please reach out to us and we will review your case individually and see how we can further assist you.  
No, we use a courier service for airmail and they use physical addresses as delivery addresses. For ground shipping to neighboring countries  (Kenya,Uganda,Rwanda,Malawi,Burundi,Congo,Zambia & Zimbabwe)  , all orders will be physically collected by customers from the respective bus companies/ Bus terminals, you will receive an email with all pick up/tracking details.
No, all sales are final.
Please allow atleast 24 hrs for your tracking information to update after you receive your tracking number. You may track your order on this link here *here* Incase you are still unable to get the information you need , you may click on * this link  *If it happens you are still unable to track your order then kindly email us: subject “ UNABLE TO TRACK MY ORDER” with your tracking & order information.