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Our Story

KIMZ derives from the surname “Kimaryo “that belongs to the 2 sister founders. This booming young brand that officially launched In the October of 2017,was created out of the demand to have sophisticated looking crocheting and braiding hair that have a luxurious feel and yet  still affordable enough not to empty your bank account, and we trust we have delivered that and more!

Our products are not only soft, beautiful and rich in textures and curl definitions, they are also highly versatile in style and some of the fibers re-usable. We provide one of the widest range of unique colors in the whole of East Africa Starting from corporate friendly to vibrant colors!

Our goal is to carter to every woman’s style and personality, one style at a time!

You will notice that the colours in the brand, have been replaced by unique names , that’s because the brand was strongly supported by the co-founders’  family and each colour in the brand is named after Nice & Angels’ mother and her sisters . Most of them have natural talent for hair as well.

Being owned by former crochet stylists & hair enthusiasts – “Nice-Monique and Angel Kimaryo” has benefited the brand highly as these owners have worked with clients for 2 years prior to starting the brand , taking little details into account such as comfortability of the weight and length etc.

“ We continue to not only provide great products but also we work on innovating styles out of the products as our hair is highly versatile such as the popular Kimz gypsy locs, Angelique twists etc. on top of that, we provide other educational content on our social media platforms on different ways you can take care of your hair, your style and even how to get more use out of the products you purchase. We believe that everyone needs to protect their hair but they can do It in style – which eventually gives them a good hair day every day! ”

We care about the community we live In and we do what we can to uplift others in as different ways as we can through our initiative “Kimz 2 Society ‘’ . We are a small team & we live together as a family and it would mean a lot to us if you join the #kimzfam